High-quality processes without clutter

Process Optimization ∙ Risk Management ∙ Continuous Development


Worry-free safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

From designing a pharmacovigilance system to implementing and implementing it using more than 20 years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Quality management system

Continuous growth through quality management

QMFocus is a provider of consulting services with a focus on the implementation of a quality management system.

Studies/Clinical Trials

End-to-end project and innovation management

QMFocus, s.r.o. has been helping companies reduce costs when introducing new projects or improving existing processes for a long time.

Audits and inspections

Identification and management of risks in your company

The task of QMFocus, s.r.o. is to identify risks through independent audits or to help find and set up a system for their management.


Seamless availability of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Each medicinal product or medical device has its own demands and requirements for the distribution channel. With us, you will find the optimal solution.

Subsidies & Financial Stability

Growing business through financial stability and appropriate financial market instruments

QMFocus helps its clients find the right methods of financial management to strengthen their position in the market and gain a competitive advantage faster.