Efficient distribution

of medicinal products & medical devices

The distribution of medicinal products and medical devices is a key element in the healthcare system. It ensures the products are available on time and in the quantities needed which is essential for successful medical treatment. 

Concerning the consultancy in distribution, we can:

  • Evaluate appropriate distribution models for your particular situation
  • Provide a Qualified person for distribution – every MAH is obliged to have a Qualified person
  • Develop effective methodologies to ensure good distribution practice
  • Develop systems for quality deviations reporting

  • Develop systems for monitoring temperature, humidity and other transportation and storage requirements
  • Develop appropriate methods to ensure the release of medicinal products back into distribution

All documentation can be processed in Czech, Slovak or English according to your requirements.  

Ivana Kodatová, M.D.

I have more than seven years of experience as a person responsible for distribution. At QMFocus we have a team of experts to help you meet the requirement "1 Qualified person for distribution => 1 MAH".