About us

Ivana Kodatová, M.D.

Welcome to QMFocus.

Our experience is based on over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical practice. We offer long-term support to our clients from marketing authorisation holders and medical device manufacturers in the areas of quality, pharmacovigilance, clinical and distribution.

Given the financial demands of all processes, there is a need for increased emphasis on financial management. Therefore, we have created a subsidy handling and financial consulting department, where we build on more than 10 years of experience of our experts. We provide both expert assistance and the provision of documentation and processing of applications for subsidies or leasing or loan products, including subsequent administration.

Our one-off support focuses mainly on audits, preparing clients for inspections by state authorities and implementing legislative changes into clients' internal processes.

Thanks to collaboration of our QMS, medical practice and financial management consultants, we offer a truly comprehensive service to our clients.

As part of our long-term support, we provide both full outsourcing to QMFocus, as well as consultancy, ensuring full availability of specialists for given areas. 

With every issue we get to the heart of the matter and provide solutions that meet all requirements while being cost-effective for our clients.

We build our cooperation on an open approach based on quality work and objective information, not on fear of regulations, deadlines and inspections.

With QMFocus, you're never alone.

With my team, I look forward to cooperation with you!

Iva Kodatová