Quality processes without unnecessaries

Process optimization ∙ Risk management ∙ Continuous development


Druf safety without worries

From the design of the pharmacovigilance system to its implementation and implementation using more than 20 years of experience in the field of drug safety.

Quality management system

Sustainable growth through quality management

QMFocus, s.r.o. is a specialized provider of consulting services focusing on the implementation of quality management systems.

Audits and inspections

Identifying and managing risks in your company

Every company operates with a certain amount of risk. The task of QMFocus, s.r.o. is to identify risks through independent audits or to set up a system for their management within the framework of consulting.

Process optimization

Complex project and innovation management

QMFocus, s.r.o. has long helped companies reduce costs when implementing new projects or improving existing processes. 

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