Subsidies & Financial Stability


Identification of suitable grant calls and complete support throughout the grant process

QMFocus has set up a department dedicated exclusively to grant processing. This enables us to provide our clients with a completely individual approach to seeking grants or negotiating tax benefits or other forms of support. Our team works with grants offered by the Czech Republic as well as the European Union and its institutions.  

In the area of grants, we can:

  • Find new subsidy opportunities as per the scope of activities of our clients while:  
  • Taking into account the timing of your projects
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and return on your investments
  • Provide comprehensive services from advisory to full representation throughout the grant process:
  • Processing of the grant application
  • Implementation of the project and processing of the payment application
  • Monitoring after the grant approval and use

All documentation can be processed in Czech, Slovak or English according to your requirements.

    Financial Stability

    Financial advisory

    We understand that navigating the world of finance and banking can be challenging. Save your energy and get in touch with us! Following a QMS and vendor management audit, our consultants can help you evaluate the economics of your company's ongoing or planned projects. We can also help you analyze the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of your costs, which can bring you both immediate cost reductions and increase your chances of receiving subsidies or tax benefits. We can also support you if you need a bank loan product or leasing. 

    In the field of financial consultancy, we offer:

    • Audits of Quality Management System from an economic perspective
    • Analysis of the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of your costs

    • Audit of vendor management
    • Analysis of business continuity and cost effectiveness and financial stability of suppliers
    • Terms of contract with suppliers
    • Analysis and assistance with choice and processing of a suitable credit product / leasing
    • Costs evaluation
    • Writing a credit proposal, support in the completion of required documentation
    • Support in subsequent terms&conditions monitoring

    All documentation can be processed in Czech, Slovak or English according to your requirements.


    Ing. Martin Kvíz

    Martin Kvíz is our specialist guarantor of services related to subsidies processing. He focuses on finding suitable subsidy challenges in the field of pharmacy and healthcare for our clients. His long-term experience is used by our team in providing services throughout the process of gaining grants and other forms of benefits from the public sector.

    Martin has led a number of challenging projects to success, such as projects for science and research at the AV ČR (Institute of Experimental Medicine) or management of subsidy programmes for healthcare institutions such as IKEM, Ústav Hematologie a krevní transfúze, Fakultní nemocnice u sv. Anny, Ústav pro péči o matku a dítě and Fakultní nemocnice Na Bulovce. He also proved his management skills in setting up and management of Subsidy Consulting Centre of ČSOB Leasing.

    Financial Stability

    RNDr. Jitka Špinková

    Jitka Špinková is our quality guarantor in the field of financial consulting. Her long-term experience in banking supervision at the Czech National Bank is a valuable support for our team. During her career, she focused mainly on the examinations of loans to small, medium and large enterprises and special purpose vehicles in commercial banks. She further used her analytical skills and mathematical background in auditing development, application and validation of mathematical (statistical) models for risk assessment of banking portfolios.