Audits and Inspections

Identification and management of risks in your company

 "Know your risks" is one of key rules in our company. Our company has many years of experience in setting up and carrying out internal and external audit missions. We believe that a proper audit system improves processes and helps in business development.

Our company focuses on the comprehensive provision of audit management at our partners and also on consultancy and assistance in managing difficulties concerning even only partial steps or corrective measures. We can also set up control mechanisms both inside companies and vendor related.

Audits and validations of AI-performed and automated processes are provided by our mathematicians who have gained many years of experience with Examination Act procedures applied in the financial sector.

In the field of audits and inspections, we can: 

  • Provide risk identification and management
  • Set up an audit and control plan (strategic, tactical, etc.)
  • Set up control processes for continuous risk identification and management
  • Verify business continuity
  • Conduct audits
  • Prepare for inspections by state authorities pursuant to the Control Act No. 255/2012 Coll.
  • Provide CAPA management including corrective actions set-up
  • Audits of automated systems before and after their deployment
  • Provide AI audits
  • Provide stress tests and simulations
All documentation can be processed in Czech, Slovak or English according to your requirements.

Ing. Richard Kodat

I have been working in the areas of Good Clinical Practice and Pharmacovigilance since 2010. I have worked for large pharmaceutical companies with a portfolio of original medicines as well as for smaller companies with generics. I was keen on finding out how the management of large and complex QMS with a number of robust mathematical models and automated systems for process control and execution works. So I started working at the Czech National Bank where I worked my way up to the position of Senior Expert in Advanced Quantitative Methods. I have been a member of the Chamber of Internal Auditors since 2022.